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a n d r o m e d a

l e v e l  d e s i g n e r

u n i t y

d e s c r i p t i o n :

Andromeda is a 3D Side-scroller Action Platformer developed by Chico State Game Studios. This was a student project for my Spring 2017 Advanced Game Development class. The game was designed to be similar to other tough 2D Action Platformers like Mega Man X and Super Meat Boy. Each level in Andromeda has an elemental theme and requires the player to learn a new ability to successfully obtain ancient treasures. As a level designer on the project, I was assigned to work on the game’s Air themed level which focused around a dash mechanic.

The design of my map was largely inspired by the Air Level form Mega Man 2. I thought the large distances that players have to jump between each floating platforms in Mega Man's level really lend themselves to the dash mechanic -- including the hidden floating obstacles that are obscured by clouds. I thought these elements help make the level more challenging.


p r o j e c t  d u t i e s :

  • Design the 2D map and documentation of events and objectives for authored level.

  • Build and develop level from the initial “gray boxing” phase in Maya to the meshing phase in Unity.

  • Implement gameplay events and obstacles using level specific game components.

  • Coordinate with programmers and artists to implement new features and art assets.

d o w n l o a d  l i n k :

  • You can download and play Andromeda here.

d o c u m e n t a t i o n :

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