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c a s e y ' s  c o n d o
u n r e a l  d e v e l o p e r
u n r e a l  e n g i n e  4 // b l u e p r i n t s

d e s c r i p t i o n :

Casey's Condo is an adult VR experience I did contract work for. The project was built in Unreal Engine 4. I was responsible for handling most of the programming tasks on the project. These tasks ranged from implementing physical interaction with character meshes, swapping character outfits at runtime, UI systems, a variety of locomotion methods for both Vive and Oculus. In addition to refactoring previous blueprints to improve maintainability and extensibility for future project. As well as designing and implementing the core narrative experience.

p r o j e c t  d u t i e s:

  • Design and implement virtual hand interaction with a variety of objects and main character mesh.

  • Implement NPC behavior, UI systems, and narrative experience.

  • Design and build project's code architecture, refactor previous blueprints for maintainability and extensibility.

  • Optimize environment using Unreal's performance and profiling tools to improve real-time performance for VR. 

  • Coordinate with 3D modeler to implement and update skeletal rigs and character meshes for non-playable characters.


c a s e y ' s  c o n d o  w e b p a g e s:

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