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N I N J A G O  :  S K Y T E M P L E

g a m e  d e s i g n e r // p r o g r a m m e r

u n i t y  3D // C#


Demonstrate your amazing NinjaGo skill as you free fall to the ancient Sky Temple. Try to collect every green brick in your path and avoid crashing into icy floating islands - and other dangerous surprises - in this challenging NinjaGo course. 

This was my submission to Lego’s NinjaGo / One Button Contest. If you want to experience NinjaGo: Sky Temple as intended - and have access to a modest PC - I highly suggest downloading the Windows version. The game's visuals are significantly downgraded in order for it to run on a browser. See provided video for gud grafx .

Download Link:

  • Play the game here.

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