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Work in Progress

p o n d e u x

g a m e  d e s i g n e r // p r o g r a m m e r

u n i t y // C#

d e s c r i p t i o n :

Pondeux is a modern Retro Arcade game that's currently being developed for PC and Mobile platforms. Similar to titles like Geometry Wars, Pondeux is a contemporary twist on the classic game Pong. In Pondeux, the player controls two paddles in order to keep the ball in the playing field as long as possible. However, as time goes by, the ball accelerates and becomes harder to follow. The player's eye-hand coordination are tested when obstacles, and more balls, spawn into the game and immediately change the ball's trajectory. If no balls remain on screen, it's game over. 

p r o j e c t  d u t i e s:

  • Oversaw the project from the paper prototype stage to its current PC and Android iterations.

  • Design and implement the game's mechanics and features using C#.

  • Facilitate playtests to collect user feedback to further improve the user experience. 

  • Utilize Visual Studio's and Unity's debugging tools to detect and remove code errors.

  • Design and build a modular code architecture for our game that can also be repurposed for future projects.

  • Coordinate with artist to implement Pondeux's desired art style and assets. 

d o w n l o a d  l i n k :

  • PC VERSION: You can download and play Pondeux here. ***GAMEPAD REQUIED***

  • ANDROID VERSION: You can download and play Pondeux here

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