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d a r k s t o r m : a s c e n s i o n 

l e v e l  d e s i g n e r  

u n r e a l  e n g i n e  4 // b l u e p r i n t s

d e s c r i p t i o n :

Dark Storm is an episodic Third-person Stealth Action game being developed by Fenrir Studios. This is an Indie title that I was a Level Designer on. I designed and built several sections in the game’s hub level, including work on a couple training maps for an unreleased update for Dark Storm: VR Missions.


Dark Storm is a semi-open world game built up of smaller interconnected maps that all intersect at a center hub with as few loading screens possible. Since the game was inspired by the recent Deus EX series, our primary goal as Level Designers were to create levels that allowed the player some flexibility in regards to their playstyle (lethal/non-lethal, stealth or aggressive) but were smaller in scope, nonlinear, and offered some replayability.

p r o j e c t  d u t i e s:

  • Design 2D maps and documentation of events and objectives for authored levels.

  • Build and develop levels from the initial BSP blockout phase to the meshing phase.

  • Optimize authored levels using Unreal's performance and profiling tools to improve real-time performance. 

  • Script gameplay events and enemy pathing using Blueprints.

  • Coordinate with programmers and artists to implement new features and art assets.


d a r k  s t o r m  w e b p a g e s:

  • Official IndieDB page

  • Official Steam Page for Dark Storm: VR Missions

d o c u m e n t a t i o n:

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